How important it is to finish the prescribed course of antibiotics? (Interview with Dr. Kavita Diddi, M.D Microbiology)

Should we always finish the prescribed course of antibiotics - livingwithmicrobes

One should always finish the prescribed course of antibiotics! How true is this cardinal rule?

It became a debatable topic lately as many news articles are coming up with contrasting standpoints. This could create ambiguity in people’s minds as their doctor advises them to always finish the prescribed course of antibiotics.

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Why microbes produce antibiotics?

Microbial art - livingwithmicrobes

We use antibiotics to destroy the bacteria.

Over the last century, we were able to exploit the potential of antibiotics for our benefits such as treating infections, increasing agricultural yield, etc. We evoked the mass production of antibiotics by microbial fermentation or chemical synthesis with amplified dose and potency.

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6 major human-driven factors that caused the antibiotic resistance?

What caused antibiotic resistance in bacteria

To fight against the infectious disease produced by the bacteria and to ensure the success of a medical procedure or treatment devoid of any infections, antibiotics are widely administered.

The administration of antibiotics aroused an evolutionary and survival response among the bacteria producing resistance to the antibiotics, consequently making the bacteria antibiotic-resistant.

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Antibiotic resistance mechanisms in bacteria

Antibiotics-Antibiotic resistance mechanisms in bacteria

What is antibiotic resistance??

Antibiotics are medicines or drugs that are used to treat bacterial infections by destroying the bacteria or keeping their multiplication on a check. ?

Antibiotic resistance?is the ability of the bacteria to withstand the effects of antibiotics?causing?the bacteria to become?antibiotic-resistant.??

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Sterilization of medical devices

The procedures in the healthcare setting involve contact of medical devices with a patient?s body. A major risk of all procedures is the introduction of pathogenic microorganisms by the medical device causing infection in the patient rather than the success of the procedure. The resulting infection not only affects the patient, further it could be transmitted to other people and the environment.

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Where do all the viruses come from?

Where do all the viruses come from?

Are the viruses causing infectious diseases in humans are entirely new, and they didn?t exist in the past? Or the viruses always coexisted with us, and suddenly started infecting humans? Rather viral infectious diseases were occurring in humans in some parts of the world, but global travel and media exposure made you connect with it?

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