How important it is to finish the prescribed course of antibiotics? (Interview with Dr. Kavita Diddi, M.D Microbiology)

Should we always finish the prescribed course of antibiotics - livingwithmicrobes

One should always finish the prescribed course of antibiotics! How true is this cardinal rule? It became a debatable topic lately as many news articles are coming up with contrasting standpoints. This could create ambiguity in people’s minds as their doctor advises them to always finish the prescribed course of antibiotics.

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Why microbes produce antibiotics?

Microbial art - livingwithmicrobes

Antibiotics is been naturally produced by bacteria and fungi for millions of years as secondary metabolites at a concentration much lower than the therapeutic dose.?But why the microbes are producing antibiotics if it is meant to destroy them? And what are antibiotics used for, by the microbes that produce them???

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Antibiotic resistance mechanisms in bacteria

Antibiotics-Antibiotic resistance mechanisms in bacteria

Bacteria incorporate a diverse array of sophisticated mechanisms for?self-defense?against antibiotics. Very often multiple mechanisms are accommodated simultaneously to assure their absolute safety from the antibiotics.?Bacteria work to stop the antibiotics reach their target (specific sites or receptors on or inside the bacteria) at a high concentration or modify/bypass the target in the bacteria to protect themselves from the detrimental effects of the antibiotics.?

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